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Brooklyn, NY
Jen & Pete's Modern Farmhouse
Boasting a palette of textures, this design blends the warmth and comfort of traditional farmhouse style with the refined tastes of city glamour for a welcoming, homely feel with a contemporary edge.
Cloverdale Collection
Natural wood texture for warmth, combined with clean white slab cabinetry for a modern contrast.
We love the subtle texture and imperfections in the tiles. At night the soft reflection from the under cabinet lights provides a warm and cozy ambiance.
We love the thin and well defined veining, which subtly ties the matte black tones from the tile and hardware together
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7-weeks build time
We LOVE our Skipp kitchen. Everytime we step into the space we feel warm and fuzzy. It's a place we love gathering, cooking and entertaining in. Friends and family members comment on it all the time, too!
Pete & Jen
Brooklyn, NY
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