How it works
3D scan of your home
We send a professional surveyor to scan your home with the latest in 3D spatial tech, to get every measurement right before creating your layout options.
More than just measurements
The 3D scan also provides us with critical details and placements of objects like your windows, gas lines and soffits. We employ data from the 3D imaging to enable effective collaboration with contractors, architects and designers throughout your entire renovation experience.
AI technology & machine-learning
With Skipp's proprietary technology, we can surface up options that best meet your needs, and the nuances of your space, with costs estimated up front.

We also employ our tech to streamline the production of renderings and design and construction documents that are equivalent to about 70 hours of labor from a third-party hired architect. This ability provides unprecedented speed and transparency. It also saves you thousands, to tens of thousands of dollars.
Layouts tailored to you
With Skipp's technology, we generate the possibilities you dream of, for your exact space. On average, we generate 700 permutations and narrow it down to the best  options according to your desired preferences.

Once we understand your specific needs around storage, budget, entertainment and cooking, we provide two layouts to consider, each with costs provided. This offer is unprecedented in the industry, and unmatched by our competitors.
Detailed plans & costs
Concerned about starting a renovation without knowing the costs up front? Avoid high-level estimates without plans from the competition.
With Skipp, each plan provides a breakdown of costs up front, so you can budget with your choices in mind.
Professionally curated designs
Access a library of highly-curated designs from accomplished designers and architects that allow you to explore looks, select materials and customize to your liking.

Don't just settle for a new kitchen. Get the space you will love, for years to come.
Access to hundreds of brands
Skipp not only works with all the large brands, but we also work with hard-to-find bespoke vendors, to provide a range of quality materials, and honor the carefully-crafted designs from the architects and designers with whom we partner.
1:1 support
Once we've aligned the plans for your space and once we've received your deposit toward your first material purchase, you will be paired with a Skipp interior designer to get polished assistance during your Skipp renovation experience.
Construction Ready Documents
Skipp provides detailed plans and documents to give the contractor everything they need for a smooth and precise renovation. The plans are are also used to streamline any  necessary permits and / or board approvals.
Final Labor Bid
With detailed plans you will be armed to get accurate and competitive bids.  In markets where Skipp provides labor we will provide access to our vetted network of contractors for a streamlined end-to-end process.
Project Plan & Procurement
Skipp coordinates the procurement and delivery of materials that are aligned to the construction start date.
Coordination with Contractor
Skipp reviews every detail with contractors and should any in-field support come up we are here for help.
Whether you can imagine it or not, we can help you create it.
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