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Get a Project Plan complete with Renderings. All for $399

Envision your new space based on a 3D scan of your home with one of our professionally curated design collections.

We send a professional surveyor to scan your home with the latest in 3D spatial tech to get every measurement right the first time.
You’ll receive 2 layout options in your Project Plan. One “remove-and-replace” option and the other will be customized to your preferences.
Know the costs up front. Skipp's material database and contractor network allows us to create accurate estimates quickly and efficiently.
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Get access to Skipp’s entire team with a $6k deposit toward your cabinets.
After making the deposit on your Project Plan, work with a Skipp Layout Specialist and Interior Designer to perfect your kitchen design - from layout to hardware.
Get expert interior design advice on your materials and finishes to ensure that your kitchen is designed to your aesthetic.
Work with a partnered Appliance Specialist
Don't get caught off guard with supply chain issues and long lead times. We can coordinate procurement across 100 vendors nationwide.
Simple invoicing for materials and labor
Highly detailed construction drawings and material schedules. We make it easy for you as well as the contractor.
Access to Skipp-vetted contractors
Managing a construction site can be a pain. Our experienced PM's can handle change orders and any other issues thrown our way.
We service CA, FL, NY, NJ, OR, TX, and WA.
Labor may vary depending on your local area. Enter your ZIP code to see what we can offer.
Philadelphia, PA
“They are always very detail oriented and genuinely want to help people achieve their dreams for their home. Given how horrible the renovation experience is for most people who blindly go through the process, Skipp is a welcome breath of fresh air that has given us comfort in our choices and made it all SO much easier.”
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